GeoTrue Awarded Two HeroX Prizes for Mapping Innovation

GeoTrue Terminal Navigation System

GeoTrue Terminal Navigation System

By Robin Rowe

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2018/12/26 – HeroX and Tax Management Associates have recognized GeoTrue’s innovation in mapping and routing technology, awarding it two cash innovation prizes.

With a mandate to produce the necessary algorithms to support a complete open source mapping solution, GeoTrue is building a geodesic computation library for performing fast, accurate, location-based queries. GeoTrue offers both new capabilities and an alternative to proprietary solutions from Google Maps, Apple Maps or ESRI ArcGIS. 

GeoTrue’s goal is to create tools useful to non-data scientists in decision-making, to yield business insights from location data, big data or small. Given a map and present location, GeoTrue calculates the geodesic and route distance and outputs written directions to follow the suggested route.

A generic solution suitable for all types of mapping solutions, GeoTrue is also a map-making system with a desktop GUI to enable users to create maps. A user may import a JPEG image taken with a drone and convert that into a map or quickly draw a map freehand on top as an overlay by onion-skinning.

The GeoTrue MapDraw builds upon CinePaint, an existing open source HDR paint program with features similar to Adobe Photoshop. CinePaint is used for image retouching in the Hollywood film industry, was used in making the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films.

The GeoTrue SQL Extension enriches the SQL database environment with geodesic support at the query level. Conventionally, it’s complicated to make geo queries in SQL because SQL has no concept of location. In traditional SQL there’s no easy way, for example, to query the distance between two addresses. GeoTrue SQL adds capabilities to respond to that query with a numeric answer, the distance, as a set of waypoints, with written routing directions in English or other languages, or as a map image. The point is to make it easy for anyone to query location questions in SQL.

GeoTrue is compatible with open data such as OpenStreetMap or any GIS data source. GeoTrue Library is compatible with C, C++, Java, R, Python, IoT and web apps. The GeoTrue SQL Extension will use the GeoTrue Library to add geo-location intelligence into popular database tools such as Oracle MySQL. And for embedded systems, such as drones and autonomous vehicles, integration with the open source embedded database Sqlite.